National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 8


The Academites woke up as usual and straggled to the hotel lobby before heading off to work. After completing their morning ritual of perusing their emails and drinking their coffee, Mike, Rebecca, Nomita, and Raul met together to go over the video script they had completed the night before. In the midst of their discussion, Jim walked into the room. He had broken his big toe that morning and as a result had arrived late to NASA. Once Jim was up to speed, he hobbled out and the Felder team began filming their NASA video using Mike’s DSLR camera. A born director, Mike quickly took charge of setting up the scenes and coaching the actors. The entire morning was spent filming the team typing, staring pensively at various computer screens, and working on calculations together. Nomita and Raul joined Charlie and Denise for lunch at Chipotle, where Jim was by happenstance. After lunch, the Felder team continued working on improving their electric airplane model. At 5 a.m., the Aero Academy met for an early RAP session in the hotel conference room. After than they discussed the Titan project. Following dinner, Nomita started feeling sick so the rest of the Felder team got together and started some preliminary video editing before going to bed.


Another morning, another ride to Glenn and the Felder team was ready to get working. They went over the video shots they had and got to work on adding some new clips to the mix. Most of the morning was spent coding. Mike improved the layout of the code and set about verifying his weight equations, while Nomita worked on calculating parasitic drag coefficients for various part of the ATR 42. Raul worked on the iteration for sizing the wing and weight and Rebecca worked with Jim on NPSS and Prop Design. In the afternoon, the Felder team went over to Building 3 for Dr. Isaiah Blankson’s presentation on MHD hypersonic engines. After returning to Building 5, Mike and Raul searched out Tom Benson and casually asked if they could get a recording of his infamous ‘WHAT!?’ After capturing a few good takes, Mike and Raul returned to work on their project with the rest of the team. Back at the hotel, each team worked on piecing together their video fragments and getting closer to their final product.


Rebecca began her work day by turning her office into a recording studio for the video voiceovers. Meanwhile, Mike and Raul worked hard that day on overhauling their flight code to work more efficiently and accurately with the weights, sizing, and iterations. Throughout the day, the talented actors sat in Rebecca’s office to record their well-rehearsed lines. The Space and Aero Academies met at the hotel to indulge in pizza and listen to Dr. Meng-Sing Liou give a presentation on his computational fluid dynamics (CFC) work he does for future aircraft designs. That night, the teams worked profusely to finalize his research video production. Meanwhile the Space Academy was using their free time to host a Henna and popcorn party- much to the chagrin of the Aero Academy.


The Academites went to work as usual Thursday morning, but were there only for an hour before they met at building 49 to board buses with the rest of the interns to visit Plum Brook Station. GaRam fell asleep first on the bus, followed progressively by a number of others, and awoke to Max holding a camera merely four inches from his face. Everyone enjoyed their tour of the impressive facilities at Plum Brook, and a few hours later, they were on their way back to Lewis Field for a few hours of work time. On the way back into the front gate, Andrew noticed a 747 was parked at the airport – a rare occasion – and he and Max later determined it was the aircraft for the president of Yemen. After work, Andrew, Max, and GaRam decided to make tacos. At night, the Academites worked diligently at the hotel to put the finishing touches on their videos and presentations to the center director. The presentations had to be submitted the following day.


Friday was a welcome morning as the Academites got to sleep in a few extra minutes, since they did not need to be at the hotel lobby until 8:00 a.m. to leave for their tour of Parker Hannifin. The exceptions were GaRam and Danny, who left for Glenn at 6:30 a.m. to re-film part of their video, because it had been accidentally deleted the night before. The Aeronautics and Space Academies left for Parker Hannifin in Avon, where they arrived to be surprised by a hot breakfast – a welcomed rarity compared to the muffins and granola bars available at the hotel. Following the tour, they were provided with lunch, and nobody returned to Glenn hungry. After arriving at Glenn, the Academies met with Dr. Kankam to review their slides and videos, and after making many changes to their slide formats, they practiced their presentations. Kyle stayed late at work, and Raul went to the airport to leave for a conference. That night, Andrew, Peter, Kyle and Nomita went to the Barking Spider Tavern, after briefly considering going to see “Man of Steel.” The tavern was featuring what could only be considered as a “hippie band” that night, which undoubtedly was straight from the ’60s or ’70s. After leaving the Barking Spider, they were determined to find ice cream, but every ice cream place that Kyle knew of was closed. They instead decided to find an IHOP but, on their way, they miraculously found an ice cream shop that was open. Peter decided to keep with the breakfast theme by ordering the maple bacon and cinnamon french toast ice cream flavors.


Saturday the Academites were afforded the chance to sleep in after seemingly their busiest week yet. They spent most of their day working on their posters and other various work. In the evening, GaRam, Peter and Kyle went to the Burning River Festival in Cleveland. Later, they met Andrew, Mike, Max, Nomita, and Rebecca at Brothers Lounge for a “dueling pianos” show, which did not feature any “dueling”. Although several of the Academites enjoyed the music they decided to leave at the first break – for those who made it that long. The Academites then retired to the hotel, where some watched a movie, others went to bed, and a couple found themselves lost in the woods of the Metroparks.


Sunday was another restful day for the Academites, as they put the finishing touches on their posters, worked on their group projects, and began to plan out their workload for the mere two weeks that they had left at Glenn. Andrew, Mike and Max trekked over to the airport to watch the Yemen 747 take off. A few of the Academites went to the gym in the afternoon, while others watched a movie at night. It was possibly the last calm day the Academites would have for the next two weeks, and many of them went to bed early to prepare for the busy week ahead.