National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 5


The Academites woke up to go to work as usual. However, to everyone’s dismay, the hotel breakfast was lacking in prepackaged muffins and French vanilla creamer. Mike came to the lobby, but quickly returned upstairs as he forgot his lunch. Shortly Raul, Mike, Rebecca and Nomita were on their way to the offices in Building 5. Mike and Raul worked on debugging the flight optimization code they were developing. Nomita learned how to use Vehicle Sketch Pad and tried to get her hands on a code called PROPWING. Rebecca was busy working with Jim on her NPSS code for the engine of the all-electric commuter airplane. After work, everyone gathered in Kyle’s room for a quick RAP session to fill out NDAs for SkyBox. After much confusion on how to fill out the forms, Kyle picked up the forms, and Nomita, Rebecca, Raul, Danny and Max crammed into GaRam’s car to go work out. On the way back from the gym GaRam and Nomita talked about Freudian literature.


Nomita and Rebecca came to the lobby and found two chocolate muffins ripe for the taking after a muffin-less Monday. Conscious of Kyle’s voracious appetite for chocolate muffins, Rebecca generously gave him her only muffin. Kyle’s face lit up with glee and his expression was like that of a kid on Christmas morning. Nomita arrived at work with Raul, Rebecca, and Mike and at 9 a.m., joined the rest of the Aeronautics Academy and the Space Academy RAs at Building 301 for a tour of the electric propulsion lab. After examining the ion thruster and taking group pictures, everyone returned to work with the exception of Kyle and Jacob, who wandered into another building to stare at stirling engines. Mike worked on verifying the descent module of the flight code, while Raul “stole” Nomita’s laptop to work on incorporating propulsion maps. Max emailed everyone about getting early day passes for Cedar Point with the help of his PI. After work, Nomita and Rebecca went to Chili’s for an amazing $20 dinner. Danny tried to spark interest in Ultimate Frisbee and was joined only by his favorite Pro-Bro GaRam.


Everyone assembled in the lobby, and chaos ensued as the Academites tried to pay Max for their Cedar Point early day pass. At work, while Rebecca was busy going through her NPSS code line by line, Nomita and Raul embarked on an adventure through the dimly lit passages of Building 5. Raul chanced upon the entrance to the 1×1 wind tunnel. Nomita was beside herself with excitement but could not get the door open. Raul, with all the muscle he had built up from going to the gym, managed to crack the door open. Nomita pushed the door wide open which caused a menacing ticking sound to ring out. Raul’s keen eyes fell upon a booby trap in the form of a weighted pulley attached to the door. Nomita immediately let go of the door and ran back to the office with Raul. They both laughed and reminisced about the movie “The Goonies.” On the way back to their seats, Jim talked to Nomita and Raul about snowfall in Cleveland versus Rochester and the way in which snow has to be cleared. Later that day in the deserted lunchroom, Nomita and Rebecca tried to convince Anthony and Dave from the Space Academy to come salsa dancing the coming weekend. After work, Mike left for his fun-filled Fourth of July weekend in Ithaca to meet up with his Cornell buddies. Nomita and Rebecca fell asleep waiting for the Pro-Bros to come and get them for their daily workout. Danny and GaRam had come back late from work, throwing off the originally planned gym schedule. At the gym, Nomita walked into the Zumba class late and enjoyed dancing to foreign music in an indiscernible language, although she was still in a sleepy state of mind. She met with Kier, who helped her sign up for a free personal training session with an extremely bulky-looking guy named Nate who works at the gym. After working out, Max, Danny, Andrew, and Peter went out to celebrate Max’s 21st birthday at a bonfire. The other Glenn-terns and eventually Kyle spent the night watching “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” with the amazing singing stylings of Neil Patrick Harris, and ended with “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”


The Academites all woke up late on their day off. Max strolled through the door, belly full from a large breakfast at Denny’s and tired from all the festivities of the previous night. Max rested up and then everyone got dressed to go to Jacob’s home for a block party, which encompassed Jacob’s sister’s graduation and the birthdays of his girlfriend and brother, as well as his parents’ Fourth of July party. GaRam was extremely kind and drove Nomita and Rebecca to pick up Rebecca’s boyfriend Anthony from the airport. They then went back to the hotel to pick up Kyle and buy Max a surprise birthday cake. Meanwhile, Nathan, Raul, and Max were the first to arrive at Jacob’s house, only to find Jacob was MIA. Soon, they were joined by Andrew, Peter and Danny, while everyone sat down to eat delicious home-cooked food. GaRam, Nomita and Kyle arrived and hid the cake from Max, while Rebecca followed hand-in-hand with her beau Anthony. Rebecca received many compliments on the tennis bracelet that Anthony gifted her as an early birthday present. Other interns trickled into the party and, with the appearance of Jacob, helped to carry tray after tray of fried chicken. Nomita found a cute baby named Jackson to play with and became friends with Jacob’s sister and cousin sisters. Frisbees, footballs and basketballs filled the air. A large group of NASA interns played various games, complete with ninja moves and sounds. Jacob’s 11 year old cousin Ellie proved to be the best ninja of them all. Kyle brought out Max’s birthday cake with the intentionally arranged letters “AXM” and a chorus of “Happy Birthday!” While people were eating cake, Danny gracefully missed a shot and sent a basketball flying towards Kyle head, bounced onto the table, and knocked a glass of wine into the remaining cake. All the NASA interns drove to Lakewood to watch the stunning Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Erie.


It was another late morning for everyone. Nomita ventured to the mall with Rebecca and Anthony for lunch and ate all the free samples they could get their hands on. Rebecca and Anthony had sushi, while Nomita went to the Teavana to get a fruity iced tea. At 4:30 p.m., everyone met to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Kyle drove Jacob’s car and tried to beat GaRam, but was waylaid by a driver in an SUV who was not paying attention to the traffic lights. After arriving at the CMA, everyone gathered to purchase their fancy red wristbands for the Bethesda concert later that evening. The first exhibit the Academites visited was the “Forty-Part Motet” which consisted of a choral symphony exuding from an arranged ring of speakers. From there, everyone went their separate ways to admire the art at their own pace. The majority of the group walked to the Falafel Café for food and some walked across the street for smoothies. They came back to the CMA to watch the Bethesda concert, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Later that night, Andrew drove Peter, Danny, Max, and Raul to another bonfire to hang out with other interns. Rebecca watched a movie with Anthony, while Kyle and Nomita headed to Starbucks for a productive night of working on masters’ thesis and practicing for the GRE exam.


Nomita, Kyle, GaRam, Mike, Andrew and Danny went to the West Side Market. Everyone else was fast asleep or too tired to come. Nomita and Kyle got a good deal on red quinoa and white fillet. Nomita also bought a dozen roses as a birthday present to herself. Then the group went to Tremont, where Kyle and GaRam joked about the rich ghetto and discussed the possibilities of artificial intelligence. They got some food at the Civilization Café and Nomita got to sit on the swings for five minutes in Lincoln Park. Back at the hotel, Rebecca showed off her culinary skills by making picadillo for everyone. GaRam especially enjoyed the food and got several helpings. A group meeting was in session to prepare for the midterm presentation. Outlines were made and timings were portioned out. Later that night, Nomita, Rebecca, Raul, Anthony, Kyle, Peter and Nathan went salsa dancing. Chris and Kimberly joined them at the venue. As usual, Nathan and Nomita were dance partners for the lessons. Raul showed off his dance moves with each girl he danced with. Rebecca and Anthony had a unique chemistry on the dance floor that attracted everyone’s attention. Nomita was twirled around a lot by the guys that asked her to dance, especially a handsome gentleman named Javier. Peter enjoyed dancing but decided that he preferred swing dancing over salsa. Nathan, Rebecca and Anthony left for the hotel around midnight, while Kyle, Nomita, Raul and Peter stayed until 1:30 AM enjoying the club music.


This wasy more really late morning, or perhaps just for Nomita, who rolled out of bed at 1:45 p.m. Nomita ate a breakfast of focaccia bread and cheese, while working with Raul and Peter on their presentation slides. Max was busy working on his own part of the project and calibrating his microphone for the video presentations. Rebecca was trying to make the most of the little time she had left with Anthony until his plane departed later that day. Nomita got an anonymous bouquet of flowers and champagne sent to her home, but won’t be able to see it until the end of the summer. Anthony’s flight got cancelled, which allowed Rebecca to spend precious extra time with him. Nomita made red quinoa salad and guacamole, which Max, Peter, and Raul approved of. Chris, Denise, Raul, Nomita, and Peter spontaneously went on a milkshake run which led to Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream. They sat there for an hour talking and watching the suspended toy train make its way around the tracks above their heads. Peter bought the largest waffle cone with three different types of ice cream which made his face glow with sugary anticipation. After taste-testing multiple flavors, Chris got a cone with fresh strawberry and key lime ice cream. He noted that he liked getting cones because they are biodegradable in his tummy. Denise got the porter and caramel fudge brownie ice creams. He then began a debate about the stereotypical differences between men and women. Peter talked about the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and compared how women like to talk about their problems while men prefer to sit in their caves thinking about their problems. Denise scoffed at Peter’s book description and asked what types of picture books he reads. Nomita and Denise pointed out that all girls want are hugs, kisses, and cuddling, which really are not much to ask for. The drive back was spent talking about cartoons and movies. All in all, it was the cherry on top to the end of the long Fourth of July weekend!