National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 3


The Pro Bros (GaRam and Danny) had their morning sneezing session, as they drove to work. However, as the morning progressed, GaRam’s nose was tickled by previous weekend’s campfires and laundry detergent so much that he ended up having an intense allergy attack. Danny suggested a run back to the hotel to swoop up some Claritin, and then a stop by Chipotle for lunch. GaRam agreed and so they headed out for lunch.

The Aero Academites met up a few hours after work for their weekly RAP session. The usual discussions occurred, however the most notable and humorous was GaRam’s constant detailed summary of his research. Luckily, all the Academites received a nice crisp check from Ohio Aerospace Institute.

Afterwards, Max, Danny, GaRam, Raul, Nomita and Rebecca headed to Powerhouse Gym for their daily workout session. Max, Danny, GaRam and Raul eagerly ripped their back and biceps to shreds, while Nomita and Rebecca danced away at Zumba.

Around 11pm, Mike, Andrew, and Danny met for a late night discussion regarding the group project. In-depth discussions and agreements were made on the link between engine analysis and aircraft sizing.


With the new week already in full swing, the Academites set out to get some solid work done on their team projects. Software and computing issues holding back the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) group were being resolved and spirits were up as the group progressed through some coding problems. The electric airliner team (Mike, Raul, Nomita and Rebecca) attended two speakers during the day that explored the future of flight and new-age energy solutions. Meanwhile, the materials characterization group was already well settled-in working away on their microscopy and metallography. The workday was highlighted by Rebecca and Nomita’s devious plan to cover GaRam’s car with post-it notes while battling the wind. In the end, the wind won and GaRam had no knowledge of the attempted prank.

After work the eager engineers met in the hotel “conference room” to listen to James Nessel speak about his research in long distance communication. Andrew one-upped GaRam’s previous Pizza Hut dinner with some delicious Domino’s pizza that was a big hit. Immediately after the presentation, Mike left to take part in his weekend aerial flight competition.


Since Mike was M.I.A., 5 Academites piled into GaRam’s car for their morning ride to GRC. As they pull up, GaRam screamed uncontrollably about the fact that he forgot his badge. He swerved into the front gate parking lot, dropping off the badged Academites, and raced back to the hotel. At the end of the work day, All 5 Academites met again in front of building 11 to carpool back.

Thanks to GaRam’s and Andrew’s generosity, Raul, Nomita, Max, GaRam, Danny, Denise and Nikhil departed for the gym. After the workout and some hesitation, the Academites met up for their group project. They successfully laid out a summer weekly schedule, as well as milestones for each Academite. Everyone seemed satisfied with the direction of the project, but agreed on the substantial amount of work still remaining!


This was the last full work day of the week. The Academites scrambled to meet personal goals and milestones for their team projects. The workday seemed to fly by as everyone eagerly awaited the epic lasertag battle between Space and Aero in the evening. Touted as one of the top lastertag facilities in the country, Lazer X Treme was a multi-level three team area that cost around $12 for unlimited evening play. The first game went well as Space Academy’s fearless leader, Jacob, showed us the ropes. Confidence grew as the team’s ability to shoot small children with IR lasers progressed. However, at the start of the second game, a major accident left one of the Space Academy members, Denise, with two chipped teeth. She was swept away to safety as the teeth fragments were easily found under the glow of the blacklights. Members from both teams showed their support while Jacob called local emergency dentists in hopes of finding urgent care at such a late hour. Meanwhile, in an effort to take Denise’s mind off of her injuries, fellow comrades told their own battle stories. After many tries, Jacob found a suitable doctor and Denise was able to get her teeth repaired and her beautiful smile restored to its full glory!


Once again, the 5 Academites carpooled to work. However, the work day was cut short for good reasons. A 9 on 1 discussion with Tony Colozza ensued, thanks to Kyle’s logistical expertise. Everyone had thoughtful questions, with Tony answering them effortlessly. Sadly, Rebecca left soon after to go to Florida.

As the evening went on, the Academites headed to east Cleveland, to a little place called Little Italy. They ate a restaurant called Trattoria, and engaged with many, many hungry locals. Afterwards, they headed to the local park for some childish fun on the swings and rock wall. Kyle’s friends joined us, as we strolled around the streets, stopping by Algebra Teahouse and Presti’s Bakery for some delicious cannolis and gelato. With a little convincing, Kyle’s friends shared some of Kyle’s hidden secrets and quirks. Apparently, Kyle is full Albino and wears state of the art blue contacts. After finishing dessert, Kyle and Andrew left to go back home for the weekend. The rest of the Academites (Max, Raul, GaRam, Peter, Nomita, Danny) drove back to the hotel, and soon after headed to gym for a hardcore 2 hour workout till 1:30 am. Raul quickly made new friends at the gym, where they discussed the benefits of natural peanut butter.


The gym enthusiasts started their Saturday off right by spending Friday night into the wee hours of morning lifting weights and testing their limits at Power House Gym. After finally leaving the gym at 1:30am, the weary but satisfied Academites retired to their hotel rooms and slept away most of the day. At this point, only Raul, Peter, Danny, Nomita, and Max were still in Cleveland and decided to make the most of it by doing laundry and running errands. In the evening, Space Academy invited the lonely five to a bonfire with other NASA interns out in the country and a fantastic time was had by all.


Sunday turned out to be pretty relaxing for everyone, as nothing was explicitly planned. Max and Danny drove to the airport to pick up Rebecca. However, they arrived 45 minutes before Rebecca made it to the arrivals pickup area. They ended up circling the airport a few times, driving near the continental hangar, and parked at a false cell phone lot where they were quickly told by airport security where the actual lot was, all the while sharing Albuquerque stories.

Later that afternoon, Max, Raul and Danny ran to the gym since they were carless. Substituting a warm up on the bike/elliptical for the run, they arrived huffing and puffing, looking extremely weary for only 2 miles. They completed their work out, barely, and headed back extremely light headed while Max claimed he was tired, Raul admitted he was hungry, and Danny claimed he was thirsty. Danny walked into his room, finding Peter hard at work observing 500 pages of pictures of broached specimens for his research.

As the night progressed, Kyle returned to Cleveland, thanks to his parent’s generous offer to drive him back. GaRam, Andrew and Mike returned soon after.

Here is an impressive poem that Danny wrote to share his deep thoughts about the incredible people he has been working with this summer.

Aero Academy

Amaze the world with our dedication,
Extract the most from every conversation.
Redefining the world is what we do.
Our spirit is stronger than bamboo, you know it’s true.

And we Academites are unique.
Compassionate, mystique, and oblique,
Adventurous and courageous like ancient Greek.
Determined and decisive is who we are,
Engineering things that fly very, very far.
May we be 9 individual souls,
You better watch out, Aero Academy is coming at you in unity like a P.I.S.T.O.L.