National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 1

Monday June 3, 2012

Today marked a significant time in the history of mankind. Today, the NASA Aeronautics Academy at Glenn Research Center 2013 commenced at 8:30am in the Auditorium for a very enthusiastic and attention-grabbing orientation. On a more serious note, eight of the Aero Academy Research Associates made the legendary trip from their Extended Stay America hotel, down Brookpark Rd and through the gates of GRC for the first time today, with the ninth student coming next week. All the students were formally dressed up for their photo shoots while Jacob and Kyle attempted to take pictures with Bernice’s camera, which seemed to have a mind of its own. The orientation began with a few words from the Center Director James Free and Dr. Kankam, our devoted University Affairs Officer at the center. The students received an overview of the safety, security and personal protective equipment protocol as well. At 11:30 the students met with their mentors and everyone was jealous of the fact that Mr. Felder’s group went out to Chipotle.

The first day was mostly an overview for the students, getting to know their mentors and setting up their e-mail and computer accounts. At 3:30 pm the RAs convened for a short word from Dr. Kankam and a presentation by the Academy staffers (aka L/OMs), to talk about some of the background and expectations of the Academy. After the meeting, the Aero Academy met up for another hour and half to hammer out some options for their group project, about which they continued talking at night. Kyle was surprised to see all the RAs hanging out in Nomita and Rebecca’s room at 10 p.m., throwing around ideas about gliders to Venus, Whale wings, and methane propelled engines for flight on Titan. It was exhausting enough to listen to all of the ideas, but still super encouraging because he realized what a bright, motivated and cooperative group of students he would be spending the summer with!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Aero Glennterns met in the lobby at 7:45am to carpool over to work by 8am. They ventured through the back gate and thankfully their temporary badges got them through without any hiccups. The RAs took turns getting badged throughout the day and otherwise spent the day with their mentors getting caught up by reading through papers on all electric and hybrid electric aircraft, building mesh grids for an airfoil, or learning how to use the SEM. In the evening, the Aero Academy had their first RAP (Review and Preview) session in Kyle’s room, which is all the way up on the third floor. The first RAP session was crammed full of information, explanations, and due dates for group and individual projects, but once discussion opened up everyone had suggestions about what type of activities they wanted to do throughout the summer! Ideas include cooking, rock climbing, going on a helicopter tour, museums, concerts (like symphony ones), and maybe skydiving, not to mentions lots of other ideas.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the way to work, Kyle and Jacob noticed a man biking to GRC wearing a bright yellow top. They randomly decided to call him George. Because he was wearing yellow, they decided to call him “curious George,” and to make it more NASA-appropriate they finally arrived upon the nickname “Curiosity George.” Today, Kyle forgot his lunch, which worked out perfectly because the Mad Mouth Gyro truck was outside the Glenn gate. Kyle, Jacob and Nomita ended up getting gyros to take to the Brown Bag Lunch Networking activity, during which all the summer interns at Glenn had a chance to meet each other by playing the bingo icebreaker game.

In the evening, the Aero Glennterns went to the Rocky River metropark to play “Frisbee.” It was an aerobie, though, which proved to be much more difficult to catch and throw. Max brought his camera, which fortunately didn’t break when he tripped over some grass while throwing the aerobie J After this, the Aero RAs were suddenly transported to the moon, where they were stranded and needed to get to their mothership 200 miles away! Ok, not literally, but in this team-building scenario they successfully figured out how to survive and even how to use two pistols for self-propulsion. This, however, would be an ongoing head-scratcher, until Mike provided a definitive answer through an xkcd comic.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The chocolate chip muffins in the hotel lobby are always gone by 7:45am. Is this unintentional or is someone hoarding them all? Is it a conspiracy? Either way, Kyle thinks that they should put out more chocolate chip muffins. Kyle and Jacob visit the RAs at their work place and check in on their mentors. During their excursion, Kyle ran into his old mentor from the 2007 Academy and they sat down and caught up with each other. They also “got lost” in building 5, which is full of really interesting engine testing rigs! The RAs watched a movie at night after working on their group project. The gals had chosen the movie and after that the guys decided they’d pic from then on :P

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday was a half day of work for the team projects. They met up at the cafeteria for lunch and afterwards, put on the final touches of their presentation (cough cough). Meanwhile, at work Jacob pulls out two chocolate chip muffins and gives one to Kyle. This action means a lot to Kyle (enough to write about it a weekly summary) and redeems their friendship after days of an ongoing battle of throwing fold-up Frisbees at each other. At 3:30 pm the Academies came together to present their group project proposals to each other and Dr. Kankam. Both projects are creative and will make excellent studies for potential exploration missions to Titan!

In the evening, the Aero dudes and dudettes had dinner at Five Guys, then went to the Cleveland Hopkins airport to watch airplanes land. The biggest plane was a SouthWest 737 800 series. Then the group journeyed to downtown Cleveland. Danny, Raul and Andrew got the extended version of the tour. After going around the block numerous times trying to find Mike, Kyle, Max, Rebecca and Nomita, they were finally reunited. We walked around Ohio City and had dessert at the Bier Market and finished up the evening by walking around downtown’s public square and Tower City.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday was the super top secret scavenger hunt, which turned out not to be too secret. To the staffers’ relief, the RAs did not get arrested or anything of the sort, although there were a couple amusing stories about sneaking into an Indian wedding at Severance Hall and disgruntled security guards at Crocker park J The day wrapped up nicely with a delicious meal at Hard Rock Café.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Overall, a relaxing day at the hotel. GaRam, Mike and Kyle went to a nearby Laundromat, which, of all places, was next door to the missing photograph in the scavenger hunt that no one could find! Future RAs who are reading this right now should take note of this! Anyhow, the trip wasn’t worth it since the hotel laundry cost just as much as this Laundromat. Nomita and Rebecca witnessed all-out war in the hallway outside their room as sandals flew wild!