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Rebecca Navarro

Rebecca Navarro

Rebecca Navarro

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
B.S. Aeronautics/Astronautics, June 2014

NASA Academy Research Project
All Electric Regional Transport Aircraft with Advanced Electric Motors, Power Management and Distribution, and Energy Storage

James Felder, Dr. Gerald Brown, Timothy Dever, and Jeff Berton

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL



“IHTFP” – MIT Student Body

This simple acronym has a dual meaning to many students that I can see myself applying to everyday life. It can either stand for “I Hate This Freaking Place” or “I Have Truly Found Paradise”. To me, these can be words to live by since nothing worth gaining comes easy. MIT especially creates the atmosphere of working yourself to death but loving every moment.

Education and Experience

I am entering my senior year at MIT in Aerospace Engineering. I will graduate June, 2014 with an emphasis in propulsion and plan to enter the workforce (hopefully in industry) for a few years before pursuing a M.B.A. Most of my experience was gained through MITs amazing undergraduate research opportunities (UROPs). I have done a bit of work in the university’s Gas Turbine Lab, helping to test a newly designed probe to be used in diffuser experiments. The bulk of my experience was at the Space Systems Lab where I designed, built and tested a deployable radiation cover for a student created mission that will be launched in 2016. I also learned a lot through my hands-on class projects including optimizing a GE Engine, designing an entire mission to Mars (I worked mainly on the design of the rockets themselves) for SpaceX, optimizing, designing, building and flying an RC plane in a classwide competition and coming up with integration schemes to model 3D fluid dynamics.

Hobbies and Interests

Throughout high school I participated in many academic clubs including SNHS, NHS, Model UN, and marching/concert band. My favorite was definitely concert band where I played the French horn for 7 years. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to continue with the hobby since starting college. I have participated in a few clubs including MASLAB where we designed a robot to throw balls at people and WGA^3 (Women’s Graduate Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics) which tries to recruit more women into my major. In the little spare time that I have, I enjoy reading fantasy books and playing video games ranging from the Legend of Zelda to League of Legends. Though I don’t play sports often, I love the outdoors.

Future Goals

My goal is to work on developing/modifying new engines (either jet or rocket) though I am also gaining an interest in structural engineering. I would love to see something I built go into space, though I have a strong fascination with air breathing engines. Eventually I hope to have a stable career that allows me to raise a family.