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Max Holliday

Max Holliday

Max Holliday

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Socorro, NM
B.S. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, June 2013

NASA Academy Research Project
Behavior Characterization of Emerging Aero-Propulsion Materials

Mentors: Susan Draper and Tim Gabb

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM



“We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world.” – Robert M. Pirsig

This quote speaks volumes about the thought process that is easy for all of us to slip into during our day- to-day lives. I find that problem solving is a great opportunity to take a step back and expand our thinking capabilities to exceed expectations and advance our technical field.

Education and Experience

I am entering my senior year at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in the fall of 2013 and plan to graduate with my degree in materials science in the spring. My focus was traditionally on metallurgy, but has since broadened towards a passion for ceramics as well.

My research work and lab experience stems from three years as a full-time intern at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have worked on a number of engaging projects ranging from emerging lead-free solder solutions for modern electronics to photovoltaic modeling and optimization. My work has been recognized on mission critical assignments and I am excited for my first upcoming publication in materials science.

Hobbies and Interests

My passion is motorcycles. I have been riding and learning ever since I can remember and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Once in college, I founded a motorcycle safety club that quickly grew to the largest academic motorcycle club in the state and has raised thousands of dollars for charity and countless volunteer hours. Traveling is also a large part of my life. Spending part of 2012 backpacking through South America has given me a new outlook on academia and my research while exposing me to new cultures and fresh ideas.

Future Goals

The future is a mystery that I am looking forward to discovering. I will pursue an NSF fellowship in the fall and start looking for exciting research to conduct during my graduate degree. I am excited to spend the summer working with NASA Glenn Research Center and look forward to the endless opportunities this programs presents.