National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 9

Monday, July 30, 2012

As usual, a slow Monday greeted everyone with half-open eyes and dragging feet. Not much happened at work and even less afterwards except the following. Melanie and Macie were sitting and watching TV when they heard a voice outside their room. When they looked, no one was to be found. Later in the evening, the voices returned. It was Space Academy geeks Nathan and Kathleen. They had been looking for a place to go over their group project, and just outside Melanie’s and Macie’s room door was the perfect spot.

Tuesday, July 31 2012

The day at work started with Taichi and Macie getting help from Dr. Sarah Tedder on how to start writing their final report. Macie and Taichi spent the rest of the day in Building 302, planning what to write in their report. They took a break to write the many “Thank you” notes that needed to be sent to the variety of places the Academy had visited in the last two weeks. After work, the weekly ultimate Frisbee game took place. Melanie and Macie decided to go with Reed, Daniel ReMine and Daniel Kakaley only because they were told that there would be ice cream after the game. Melanie was planning on playing a couple of games but she ended up playing the entire time. Macie opted out of participating in order to enjoy the outdoors and watch the game. Daniel had brought along his camera, and asked Macie to capture a few action shots and possibly have a new profile photo.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This was the “GRC Research Day ” of Poster Session presentations by all interns and student and faculty fellows enrolled in Higher Education University Programs. Students and faculty began to set up their posters at 8:30 am.Tthe actual poster session began at 9:00 am. The poster session took up most of our morning time as we explained our projects to interested individuals from GRC. Daniel who invited to the poster session a man whom he knew would be very intrigued about everything presented. Unfortunately for one girl, the man talked to her for over an hour until Daniel (who) finally slipped into the conversation,and rescued her from at least another hour of questioning. After the poster session, Dr. Kankam cordially invited everyone present to attend the Aeronautics Academy Group Project presentation. The room where we presented was large enough to accommodate both Academies and a few others. The final presentation for the Aeronautics Academy went smoothly. After work, Dennis, Steve and Daniel met with their mentor to have an entertaining evening of fencing. Later, everyone really wished that they had a stamp of their signature, as they had the honor to sign about thirty “Thank You” cards. The degradation of signatures, as the RAs tried to quickly sign the cards, was humorous.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This was a slow day at work. After work, the Aeronautics and Space Academies drove to Akron to catch their flights to Houston. Upon arrival in Houston, three of the RAs and the Aeronautics Academy Logistics Manager, Harkirat Sohi, checked out rental cars for the group and drove everyone to Days Inn & Suites which is about a seven minutes away from NASA Johnson Space Center. Due to the flight arriving in Houston late at night, it was around 1:00 am by the time the RAs got to bed.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The day started off with a nice hearty continental breakfast at the hotel around 7:00 am before heading off to JSC around 7:30 am. The most exciting part of the tour in the morning was visiting the various Space Shuttle Flight Control rooms. The RAs took a lot of photographs in the various control rooms; Dan Kakaley decided to explore the inner workings of the flight control room by almost taking apart one of the machines but luckily, he didn’t cause any damage. We were then informed on how astronauts train on the ground for Space flight. Following this, we were introduced to a life-size replica of the International Space Station. Next, the group toured the Robotic Arm Trainer laboratory. It was here that we interacted with a robot known as Robonaut and Steve who got a good grasp of how much stronger the robot was than him. The final stop of the day at JSC was at the Saturn V center where the group got to view the rocket. The next stop was the Orion tour at Lockheed Martin. The Orion tour got us excited about the possibility of each of us using the flight simulator. However, this did not happen due to technical difficulties. We had the opportunity to sit in a full-scale mock-up of the Orion and the tour guide thoroughly explained the possible exploration to Mars. We went out to dinner, with several Academy alumni who had organized and escorted our tours at JSC. The last day of the act was a walk along the boardwalk.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Most of the Academy RAs slept on Saturday morning, since the flight back to Akron was later in the afternoon. Those who didn’t sleep in went to Space Center Houston. Heath and the RAs in his car left for the airport in search of donuts and a fun time. After a convenient stop to get donuts, the car was returned to the rental company at the IAH airport.

After getting through security, Macie and Melanie bought food .The group safely arrived in Akron. Steve’s car had a fun ride home with Macie entertaining everyone by singing. The rest of the group flew back on a separate flight from the Hobby airport, later that night.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

For most RAs, Sunday began with a delicious pancake- filled breakfast made by Steve. It was a truly filling breakfast and everyone felt satisfied. The rest of the day was spent working on our individual team reports. Reed went rock climbing with some friends and enjoyed Total Recall. Later that evening, many showed up at Steve’s and Dennis’ room for an exciting night in preparation for the rover landing. Thankfully the rover landed safely on Mars. Harkirat watched the Curiosity’s epic landing on Mars on NASA TV online and on the CNN channel on the TV in her room. She was so excited after the landing that she could not go to sleep until 3:30 am. But it was so worth staying up that late. It was a proud moment for NASA and its interns.