National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 8

Monday, July 23, 2012

An impressively slow Monday ended with a departure to the national capital: Washington DC. The planned route turned out to be quite circuitous: from Cleveland to Baltimore, from Baltimore to the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station, and finally on foot to Holiday Inn Capitol hotel. An estimated arrival time of around midnight left precious little time to prepare for the upcoming day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An abrupt, bright, and early morning began with a brisk walk from the hotel to NASA Headquarters. The entire setting was formal, and many important people wearing suits strode around, doubtlessly going to fulfill very important functions. The presentations themselves took place in the Webb Auditorium, just inside the main entrance in the Headquarters building. A brief rendezvous with the Academies from other NASA centers was cut short by the hostess introducing the ceremony and beginning the two day symposium. Despite lacking sleep and being scheduled for presentations exclusively on the second day, each and every Aero Academy student remained bright, alert, and attentive to every presentation throughout the entire day. Many high level NASA management personnel were present at various points of the presentations, including NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden.

Following the presentations, most students explored the learning opportunities present at the numerous Smithsonian institutions. Thankfully, summer hours were in effect, giving ample time to view all the exhibits. A fine D.C. evening concluded with fine meals and amicable company; the students retired to prepare for the coming day’s events.

Wednesday July 25, 2012:

After an exhausting day of first day presentations & the reception that took place afterward, we all awoke to the second day of presentations in Washington D.C. This was the day when all of the Glenn Aero Academy presented to the upper NASA Administration. TeamVIPR (Nathaniel, Heath, Melanie, Reed & Dan) presented in the morning, Macie and Taichi at 1:30 pm, and Dennis, Daniel and Steve were the last to present towards the end of the presentations session.

We were all straggling out of the Holiday Inn along with the Aeronautics Scholars (from Glenn) to head over to Headquarters once again before the 8:30 am mark. It seemed the rest of the Glenn team liked to sit in the back except Taichi who decided to mingle amongst the Langley and Dryden team for a few hours. Dr. Jaiwon Shin, the Associate Administrator for NASA Aeronautics Research, made his remarks for nearly 30 minutes. The morning presentation led by Team VIPR went very well, and the audience particularly enjoyed Melanie’s explanation of the microwave blade tip. During lunch, Taichi and Macie went over their presentation for one last time before trying to give their lifetime best at 1:30 pm. Macie was quite a bit nervous before going up on stage; other Glenn RAs comforted her numerous times. It was very nice of Dr. Kankam and Dr. Sarah Tedder, as well as, Dr. Ana De La Ree to show their support by attending the Headquarters presentations- Thank you! While on stage, it was amazing how Macie’s voice flowed beautifully when it came to graph interpretations, and Taichi completed the team presentation with an emotional appeal to the audience, encouraging a change to US environmental infrastructure. Likewise, Dennis, Daniel and Steve completed their presentations on a strong note. After Dr. Jaiwon Shin gave his final remarks, we all went to the hotel and changed out of our stiff clothing & headed to the BWI airport. We waited at the airport for hours on end until finally at 9:35 pm we were able to board the aircraft. Taichi sat by a very nice and genuine girl who was studying Literature and Political Science at American University. They talked for an hour like they were old friends while drinking apple juice. We arrived at Cleveland past 11 pm and got on the NASA shuttles to get back to Glenn to retrieve our cars that had been parked there, and then drove back to the hotel. Presumably everyone slept very well that night.

Thursday July 26, 2012

That morning, everyone in the Aeronautics Academy woke up wearily and headed back to their normal routines at Glenn. Other than that, not much happened throughout the day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

After a regular work day until the afternoon, the Aeronautics Academy RAs gathered in the Auditorium in Building 3 to attend presentations by their fellow RAs inthe Glenn Space Academy. After work, Heath had a softball game while Daniel convinced Reed to go on a 10-mile run with him. Thunder storms were rolling in and when the rain blanketed the greater North Olmsted, Daniel and Reed were still sprinting along and getting many looks of disapproval from the locals. Later in the evening, Melanie met up with her friend Katie, baked brownies, and watched the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics. Macie realized how awful the cable was at Homestead when she was also watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony; the TV signal was lost more than once.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Most of the Aeronautics Academy RAs decided to sleep well into the afternoon. Reed, Daniel, Melanie and Macie decided to eat an early dinner since most of them had skipped the never-going-to-happen breakfast and the I’m-too-lazy-to-get-out-of-bed lunch. They scurried over to Little Italy for delicious entrees at Mia Bella. Macie and Daniel set out for the rest of the evening to find a dance floor.

Sunday, July 29 2012 (Price)

Reed, Melanie, Katie, and Macie had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory at Crocker Park. Brunch was so filling that everyone needed naps afterward.