National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 7

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday was dedicated entirely to working with our PIs. Some interns participated in the 8×6 wind tunnel tour. The 10×10 tour surpassed the 8×6 wind tunnel tour. Nathaniel and Taichi got together to solder the electronic components for the Practical High Altitude Microgravity Experiment (PHAME) project. Taichi, who always has safety in mind, really would have liked some rubber gloves and goggles for the very dangerous soldering activity. The civil servants who kindly let the interns use their lab room absolutely adored Taichi.

After the RAP session, a small group of the Aeronautics & Space Academies gathered in the hotel lobby to go to attend a Contra Dance Event. This event took place outside on an uneven concrete town square. The interns danced their crazy little feet off until eleven. The dance party was so crazy that Macie had to “do surgery” on her feet in the bathroom before bedtime. Yes folks, blisters and flabby skin had to be taken off. Macie was probably the craziest of the dancers, noting that she had also abruptly (and accidentally) divested Daniel ReMine of his shirt while in mid-twirl. Heath, Dennis and Steve played softball at NASA.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excellent job by interns on their three minute presentations! At least a good job goes to Reed, Steve and Taichi who did the talking. The rest of the interns stood in support of the speakers. We had our long anticipated presentations (which had been well rehearsed) to the Center senior management team. In our presentations, we summarized our work, to date, over the summer. Unfortunately, we had very little to give only a summary of our projects. Someone from the audience recommended that we should organize our presentations according to first what we were going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what we told them. Big failure on our part and corrections will be implemented in the future.

Most of the Aeronautics Academy also went on a SLOPE tour, which was the most hands-on tour compared to the others. The interns were allowed to drive the lunar vehicle at a maximum speed of four centimeters per second! That evening, a group of both Space and Aeronautics Academies’ RAs went to the park to play ultimate Frisbee with some other NASA interns and civil servants. Of course, the Academy interns are so awesome that they taught everyone else how to play Super Ninja. Nothing like slapping the hands of friends to make you feel superior. Not everyone went to play however. Poor Macie was still suffering from dancing injuries, and Melanie went to dinner with a cousin.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nothing exciting happened until that evening when all the interns except Dennis and Nathaniel attended the University Programs Picnic where we got to grill and eat our own burgers, beer-battered brauts, or veggie burgers. Dennis and Nathaniel decided their time was best spent working on the group project. Dan participated in the pie eating contest with a few of the Space RAs. While he really didn’t have any desire to win, rather just to eat a tasty cherry pie, he did quite well. He was the only one who did not care about how dirty he got while eating it using only his face. However, he got some pie on his shoes when he got Molly’s pie crust thrown in his face. The favor was returned. The rest of the night was dedicated to packing for our trip to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and GE Aviation the next day.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We headed out early in the morning for Dayton, Ohio, which was a three and a half hour drive. We stopped to eat five minutes away from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Most of the group went to the Olive Garden since we were parked right there. For most, the lunch was very good, particularly for Dan who got part of Melanie’s cheesecake. Taichi, on the other hand, did not have a positive experience and he made sure to inform the waitress. Steve, Macie and Heath enjoyed lunch at a different restaurant.

Before touring the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the group got stopped by the Security there and Heath found an amazing way to entertain Steve and Macie. Macie also entertained Steve and Heath with her driver’s license picture. At the Air Force base, we received a tour of the Laser Diagnostics Lab thanks to the efforts of Dr. Sarah Tedder. On the tour, we got to see pico- and femtosecond lasers which were awesome for the interns who understand the use of laser diagnostics. While some of the interns did not fully understand the workings of the lasers, it was still a very informative tour. Afterwards, we then went to one of the aircraft museums on the Base. The Museum houses former Presidential and research airplanes. We were able to walk through the Presidential airplanes. We also visited the National Air Force Museum in Dayton , but were only allowed 25 minutes due to the closing time of the Museum. Macie was a terrible tour guide rushing through the museum without explaining its significance. On the other hand Reed, being the most knowledgeable member of the group regarding the history of aviation, gave Daniel ReMine a personal tour of the Museum. It should be noted that everyone should know the significance of the history of aeronautics because it has shaped the national aviation.

The best part of the trip would really have to be going to BJ’s for dinner. We had originally broken up into three groups. Dennis went to meet up with a friend. Steve, Macie, and Heath went off to dinner by themselves. The rest randomly decided to wait for 40 minutes at BJ’s. Daniel, Reed, Melanie, Nathaniel, Taichi, Harkirat and Dr. Kankam finally got seated at BJ’s. After sitting down for two minutes, the group realized that Macie, Heath and Steve were sitting on a table across them. Both groups enjoyed the dinner and then went back to the hotel to be well rested for the exciting day at GE the next day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The day started with checking out of our hotel and heading to GE Aviation for an exciting day of tours and presentations. Reed and the RAs in his car got lost on the way to GE Avaition; that can only be attributed to bad navigation. Upon getting to GE Aviation, we were given a Continental breakfast before getting an overview of GE. After the overview, each team of the Glenn Aeronautics Academy presented their individual team projects. We were then served a big lunch consisting of different sandwich meats. The group then proceeded to load into one van to begin the tour of GE. Dan and Steve shared the front seat of the van because there were too many people in the van. Harkirat was very persistent on taking a picture of it but her efforts were futile. We toured a few test rigs for turbines, compressors, and a high-pressure combustion rig. We ended our day by touring the Learning Center, listening to a presentation by the two GE interns. Dennis and his car’s passengers immediately headed back to the hotel, only stopping for gas. The night was very quiet and everyone just relaxed. Reed drove home to enjoy a weekend with his family and other friends.

Saturday, July21, 2012

Saturday was a free day for everyone before Dr. Kankam’s dinner. Some of the Academites went to the Irish festival taking place locally in Cleveland. Macie ditched Steve and Heath to go to the Irish Festival. After being ditched, Heath and Steve decided to be productive and went to the gym. Both Aeronatutics and the Space Academies went to Dr. Kankam’s house for a delicious dinner that everyone enjoyed. Dennis spent his day at Case working on the project before returning it to the hotel so that more work could be done prior to the launch the next day. The night concluded with some of the Aeronautics Academy RAs working on the group project in Heath and Nathaniel’s room.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Heath and Nathaniel stayed up all night working on the group project in order to finish it for the launch. Melanie and Taichi could not go to the launch since they were both feeling sick. Steve was nice enough to stay back at the hotel while the rest of the group launched the balloon. After the exciting launch and retrieval of the project, the Aeronautics Academy slept the rest of Sunday. Steve, Dan, Heath, Dennis and Nathaniel went to see the new Batman movie which had an amazing reference to Cleveland. It’s recommended for everyone.