National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 2

Monday, June 11, 2012

The beginning of the day started off very mundane. While waiting in the lobby, it appeared that the whole Aeronautics Academy was worn out from the extravagantly planned out weekend. By the time Harkirat arrived in the lobby, the sound level dramatically increased by a couple of decibels and the academy personnel directed their attention to this sound source. Ironically, Harkirat made a statement about the group’s exhausted facial expressions and body posture, meanwhile the aerospace academy responded with silence. Harkirat simply giggled and proceeded on to her normal speech of the day, including the academy’s responsibilities, requirements, and expected outcomes for the week. At this point, the group laughed sarcastically and briefly cited their tedious task on Saturday as the basis to their exhaustion. The time was ticking away, and quick action was needed in order to arrive at NASA-Glenn on time. Therefore, the group scattered in all directions, seeking their designated drivers for the day. Surprisingly, after the first week of chaos, the organization for designated drivers did not improve to any extent. So, everyone was simply fumbling around trying to find a person (Macie, The Daniel, or Reed) driving to the almighty NASA-Glenn Center. The ride over to NASA-Glenn is never too exciting besides the anticipation in encountering the forbidden and overly sarcastic “Security Guard”. However, the two cars full of interns were fortunate enough to maneuver around this particular security guard and enter NASA-Glenn Center successfully. After the security check, everyone’s anxiety had completely dissipated, interns were dropped off to their appropriate destinations and begun their typical work day.

The morning at work started off like any other work day, until Reed randomly made a statement in his heroic-narrator voice about how his office peers are “contributing to the thermal expansion of the room”. Apparently, no one else heard this absurd comment and the office remained quiet. Nathaniel snickered, due to Reed’s constant motivation to make scientific/engineering comments. Additionally, Team VIPR was conversing about the structure of their presentations during the D.C trip and how unreasonable it is to have only fifteen minutes to present. Unexpectedly, Dan had to voice his opinion about the D.C trip and said “when he arrives in D.C, I want to visit the Library of Congress and search for the President’s book of Secrets”. The room was astonished that words of such vigor spewed out of his mouth, and team VIPR just laughed in hysteria. Besides team VIPR’s small highlight in the morning, thanks to Reed and Dan, the day consisted of reading, more reading, and or course logistic issues.

During lunch, team VIPR collectively decided to have lunch at their desk to continue their literature search for the second week in a row. More importantly, lunch was not rejuvenating enough to enrich team VIPR’s evening, and the evening passed by uneventful. At the end of the work day, the nine interns met with their carpools to prepare for their journey home. Once the interns returned to Homestead Studios, the aerospace academy interns limited their evening activities in order to prepare for the next day at the NASA-Glenn center. From here on, there was very little activity that took place at Homestead studio for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meanwhile, the combustion/laser team (Daniel, Dennis, Steve) began their laser orientation with their primary investigator Sarah Teddor. Familiarity with basic optical tools and laser safety were covered. Basic lens optics were reviewed, including how to correctly collimate a diverging laser. A pretty calm uneventful day overall. After work, Daniel and Reed went for a run with Harkirat, and missed (yet again) the appropriate turn off for the loop back to the hotel, adding another two miles to the supposed 3.5 mile run Harkirat signed on for..

In other news, Daniel got mad at how frustratingly terrible the hotel internet was, and in an exciting turn of events decided to click on the “refresh wireless connection” button yet another time..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Team VIPR’s primary investigator (PI) John Lekki, invited the group to the NASA hangar for a tour right after lunch. The tour’s primary purpose was to visit the S3 Viking that was overhauled by NASA. The S3 Viking historically was a submarine hunter for the navy. NASA over the years has completely modified the aircraft and utilized its functionality to integrated NASA or contractor’s aerospace experiments. Team VIPR (Nathaniel, Heath, Melanie, Dan, and Reed) had the opportunity to get on the S3 Viking and explore the different features that were added after the Navy retired the aircraft. Also, team VIPR had a chance to tour the T34 navy trainer and the lear 25. Even though the other aircraft were extraordinary, the highlight of the tour was the President’s SH60 Seahawk helicopter that was stationed in the hangar. Obviously, we were not allowed to get inside the helicopter or even take photographs, but the sight alone was just as worthy. Once the hangar tour was completed, team VIPR scurried back to their office to continue their research.

After work, several of the interns opted to drive over to the east side and checked out the Cleveland indoor rock climbing gym. After hardly making it a few miles out on their way, Daniel, Heath, and Taichi noticed a strange loud noise and wondered if Daniel’s car is the source. After finding the vibrations of the dashboard match the frequency of the strange car, feeling the car seemed to drive a little funny, and then finally seeing the smoke pour out from the front, they finally confirmed that the source of the noise was indeed not the big rumbly looking truck adjacent to them. Daniel veered over through the lanes and slowly eased into a ditch, and Daniel’s front right tire had blown completely. Meanwhile, Macie –fearing for the wellbeing of the other car- suddenly realizes that she too is supposed to be paying attention to where she is driving and gives everyone in her car a good fright. All in all, everyone was fine and all was well, with the exception of Daniel’s tire. Instead of continuing to the climbing gym, Macie’s car decided to wait until the whole group could go climbing together next week. They returned to the hotel for a run instead. Taichi called AAA to help get the car out of the ditch (they didn’t want to drive out of it on the rim), and go get food as they waited. Food options limited, we chose to go to TGIFridays, despite Taichi’s “previous bad experience with the place.” Returning to the car, some guy from the department of transportation shows up and decides to help us out. Calling AAA to see where they were, we found out that AAA, to quote- “has already arrived, fixed our tire, gotten our signature, and seen us safely on our way.” Note: none of that actually happened, so we are quite dumbfounded to hear this as we stare at our blown tire still on the car. But then we got the spare on and all turned out fine. But what is your deal AAA, what is your deal?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The morning at Homestead Studios started off chaotic like the previous mornings. In other words, there is always this slight confusion which person is going to drive the aerospace academy to the NASA-Glenn center. Regardless, the academy groups were able to make it onto the NASA campus and begin their working day. Due to deduction reasoning, most of the aerospace academy worked on their small group project until lunch. Team VIPR is fortunate enough to have amazing mentors that takes the group out to lunch every Thursday. This Thursday we went out to Red Lobster and solely enjoyed the time away from the office to recover from the extensive reading. Once the group returned from lunch, Heath and Nathaniel finally discovered that everyone else already seen Promethus. Therefore, Nathaniel and Heath made plans after work to head out to the movies and attended a 9:15pm viewing. The end of the day was right around the corner and team VIPR waited patiently for 4:30pm. The group headed out to the parking lot and met with their drivers and headed home for the evening. Daniel meanwhile drove over to the east side to get new tires at the car dealership. Having to keep it overnight, they handed Daniel keys to a brand new 2012 Hyundai Elantra Turing for the night. Sweet. Heath and Nathaniel left Homestead Studios and watched Promethus while the rest of the Aeronautics Academy stayed behind and enjoyed the evening off or planned other exciting activities.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday being the last day of the week, the majority of the Aeronautics Academy interns were excited for the weekend activities. Of course, there are a couple of the interns that would rather take the weekend off and catch up on some sleep. When the academy groups arrived at NASA-Glenn center most of the day consisted of research. Before lunch, team VIPR was given the opportunity to speak with the branch director for the sensor and instrumentation group. The branch director is a very modest person with a great russian accent. Additionally, he invited team VIPR to sit in on his safety, health, and researcher performance meeting. The meeting was not completely relevant to the team’s project, but it was great exposure to the different events that occur at NASA. After lunch, the evening passed by quickly because of the highly anticipated IEEE ice-breaker. The interns around the NASA-Glenn center were ecstatic for the free food that was being offered. Therefore, the event had a decent amount of people who showed up. The event lasted until 7:00pm, but most of the aerospace and Space academy interns planned on playing ultimate frisbee at 5:30pm in the park. Ultimate frisbee appeared to be an exciting game until the aerospace academy team realized that they were outclassed in skill. Majority of the Space Academy had a tremendous amount of experience in frisbee throwing and the game “ultimate frisbee”. Consequently, the aerospace team spent more time running after a frisbee instead of actually having the frisbee in their possession. The evening was going great until Melanie’s head decided to get in a fight with Spencer’s hip. And Spencer’s hip claimed the victory on this one. Following this, the teams broke apart and headed home for the rest of the evening. Shockingly, Dan and Nate decided to run the distance home rather than walk. Later that night, Taichi invited Reed and Nathaniel to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. The day came to an end and the aerospace academy went about their personal business.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daniel woke up early to drive over to the east side and exchange his nice brand new Hyundai for his older one. The rest of the crew slept in for a while, and got ready for the other events of the day. The combustion/laser crew get ready for dinner at their mentor’s house over in Lakewood. They arrived to a nice dinner, followed by a riveting round of croquet and then video games (world of goo to be precise). Meanwhile, most of the rest of the group went with some Space folks a few towns over to the Duct Tape festival of Avon. The crew’s reviews after the event were not so great. “Not much duct tape constructions, constructions too simple,” etc. The duct tape gorilla was supposedly quite nice though. The crew then headed out to Little Italy for good food and gelatto. Later that night, Daniel, Melanie, Macie went to check out the pool down the road. After arriving, they found the pool to be about the size of two queen size beds pushed together- quite quite small. So they grabbed their GPS and headed over to some random beach on the lake instead. Daniel attempted to teach Macie how to swim. After only a couple minutes of instruction, Macie had the hang of it perfectly and was swimming laps to other side of the lake and back with nearly perfect form. Quite impressive. After returning, Daniel got excited for kayaking the following day, and started looking up videos/instructions on how to do a proper eskimo roll. It’s going to be sweet.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday is traditionally a lazy day for most of the interns. The majority of the Aeronautics Academy slept in before they considered creating any plans for the rest of the day. The kayaking was cancelled due to possible rainfall, much to Daniel’s disappointment. His chance to learn sweet kayaking maneuvers would have to wait for another day. Macie, Melanie, Harkirat, Reed and Daniel decided to have breakfast at IHop instead. Plans for checking out car racing events later this summer were discussed. While the rest of the group stayed behind and kept a low profile, Heath and his parachute group got together and fabricated some plans for the large group project. Melanie and the Daniels worked on their tasks as well. Steve and Heath went out for a run. Daniel spent a while calling tech support trying to get the slightest shred of wireless signal to return to his computer. After well over an hour on the phone, his efforts were met with an underwhelmingly mild improvement in his occasional wireless signal. The day was laid back and many of the interns stocked their refrigerators with food and took care of laundry for the upcoming week. At least a several socks were lost in the process. They will be missed.