National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 10

Monday August 6, 2012

This day involved a lot of work for everyone regarding the final reports. Most groups either received first reviews or turned in their first draft of the final reports, today, to their mentors. While seeing one’s writing being torn apart for editing purposes is somewhat disheartening, it is always good to see the improvements after a few revisions. After work, Heath went to play softball and hung out with the approximately 65 year olds on his team, after the game. Steve and Dennis both napped after work and missed all texts from their fellow Academites, involving working out, running, or any other activity that may have happened that night.

Tuesday August 7, 2012

This was another eventful day at the Glenn Research Center! The day started out with a series of several instances of it-doesn’t-matter-because-everyone-is-already-at-home-and-probably-never-going-to-read-this-weekly-summary, followed by a few occurrences of ah-geeze-seriously-why-am-I-still-at-Glenn-writing-this-report-on-a-Friday-afternoon-I-just-want-to-go-home-so-badly. Sounds dangerous and exhilarating, but not to worry: all Academy members present were wearing their appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Today involved a two and a half hour presentation by Mr. Matt Melis, on the Columbia shuttle accident. Later in the afternoon, an awards ceremony was held at OAI for all summer interns and faculty fellows at Glenn. The keynote speaker was Astronaut Gregory Johnson, who gave an inspiring presentation on his experiences as an Astronaut. The RAs in the audience asked a lot of questions since Mr. Johnson’s talk was so interesting. Talking to an Astronaut is one of a kind of an opportunity, and the RAs and faculty fellows took advantage of this opportunity by chatting with Mr. Johnson at the reception after the awards ceremony. Many of us got our picture taken with Mr. Johnson and some of us got our certificates autographed by him.

After work, most Academites continued to work on their final reports. Nate went to the gym for the first time all summer and still almost out lifted everyone else there.

Thursday August 9, 2012

Other than finishing up the final reports and tying any loose ends at work, the most exciting part of the day was the Aeronautics Academy’s twenty minute photo session by the Glenn Research Center Hangar. One of the mentors, Mr. Dennis Huff, who had brought up this idea, also came to take photos of the 2012 Glenn Aeronautics Academy RAs. Taking photos by the NASA Glenn Hangar during the last week of the Academy, has been a tradition for the Glenn Space Academy for many years. It has now turned into a tradition for the Aeronautics Academy as well, considering that last year’s Glenn Aeronautics Academy also took photos by the Glenn hangar during their last week at Glenn. After going back to the hotel, the RAs continued to finish up their final reports. They settled any accrued fiscal balances and accounts amongst each other, as a result of shared driving and food in some cases.

Friday August 10, 2012

Everyone was excited for the final day. Reed and the VIPR team went to get donuts and coffee before work so they could revise the paper they were hoping to receive back from their mentor. Most Academites, upon permission from their mentors, were allowed to leave work around 12 noon. Dennis, Steve, and Daniel ReMine toured the icing tunnel and a Schleren laser setup. The RAs and faculty fellows in all the programs in the University Affairs office, visited Bernice for one last time to turn in their NASA ID badges and officially ended their last day at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Saturday August 11, 2012

Saturday was the start of another bright morning in Cleveland. The program having ended on Friday, August 10, everybody decided they missed each other so much that we went bowling, enjoyed lemon-lime sodas, and reminisced about all the good times we had this summer. The following is what Dennis dreamed of happening:

“All 18 interns from both Academies were able to make it, as well as both LOMs, Bernice Beznoska, and Dr. Kankam. Oh the fun we had! We then all went downtown together to get snow cones. Dr. Kankam tried many flavors, and after great deliberation declared mango to be the best. We then all embraced tearfully and declared in the names of our future firstborn sons that we will all meet back up in ten years at that same corner snow cone stand to reminisce and tearfully eat snow cones together, yet again.”

However, we then found out that the events in Dennis’ dream, mentioned above, wouldn’t actually take place because Macie had a conflicting dentist’s appointment scheduled for that afternoon, so we all decided to scrap the plan and just forget about it instead.

And with that, we end our last weekly summary. The Academy will be missed!