National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

NASA Headquarters

July 23-25, 2012

The Glenn Aeronautics Academy arrived late in Washington DC on the night of Monday, July 23rd, and began preparing for our series of presentations at NASA headquarters, scheduled to take place the following day. The next morning, Mr. Tom Irvine, Deputy Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research, welcomed all attendees, and with that, the program began. Dr. Charles Bolden, the current Administrator of NASA, made an appearance during the presentations and made a few remarks to all of the Aeronautics Scholars and Academies.

After the first day of presentations, many students took off to see the treasured Smithsonian museums. They ranged from Art galleries to Air and Space to American History Museums. Many people enjoyed the Natural History museum the most, which is where the beautiful crystal gems are located. Almost all of the Glenn Academy students dispersed in their own directions. Daniel ReMine went to go see his family in northern Virginia. Taichi (U.C.L.A.) and Elizabeth (MIT) decided to hang out together at the Smithsonian and were fascinated by the Presidential Inaugural Ball dresses that the First Ladies wore. After spending an hour at the Smithsonian, they both joined Dr. David Kankam at the reception organized by the staff of the “Ideas in Flight” presentations near Gallery Place, which was essentially Chinatown. Harkirat Sohi wanted to join the reception, but by the time she left the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, it was too late. After the reception, Dr. Kankam and Taichi took a nice stroll around the National Mall and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the next day of events.

The second day continued much like the first, starting with a greeting from and presentation by Dr. Jaiwon Shin, Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research at NASA. All of the Glenn Aeronautics Academy presentations took place on the second day, and everyone did an outstanding job in presenting the results of their Summer 2012 research. Additional presentations were made by other Aeronautics Scholars and Academies. Everyone performed superbly at the presentations and seemed to leave the various NASA Headquarter senior management personnel with a very good impression of their work.