National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Nathaniel Morris

Nathaniel MorrisCentral State University
Cleveland, OH

  • B.S. Manufacturing Engineering, May 2012

NASA Academy Research Project
Intelligent Aircraft Engines for Next Generation Air Transportation

Dr. Gary Hunter and Mr. John Lekki

Hometown: Dayton, OH


Academic and Work Experience

High Altitude Student Payload (HASP) Internship (Summer 2011)

Designed and developed small high altitude payload to discover the effects of wildfires on vegetation

Stabilization Platform for Multispectral Imaging Research Project (Fall 2010)

Optimization of a three degree of freedom stabilization platform for small payload

Alliant Techsystems’ (ATK) Manufacturing Engineering Internship (Summer 2010)

Designed antennas and radomes for defense systems, handled quality audits/inspections and Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Biomedical Multi-Touch System Research Project (Summer 2009)

Researched and developed a multi-touch system for detecting a heart rate

GPS Tracking System for Small Payload (summer 2008)

Implemented a GPS tracking with Google maps for a high altitude payload

Memberships and Activities

  • National Society of Black Engineers’ (NSBE) Membership Chair (August 2010-2011)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Tutor (August 2009-2012)
  • Community Service- Regional Science Fair Judge and Tech Fest Volunteer (March 2012)

Honors and Awards

  • Central State University Dean’s List
  • STARS (Student Achievement in Research & Scholarship)
  • Ohio Space Grant Scholarship
  • Chairman’s Scholarship
  • DO-Stem Scholarship
  • NNSA Scholarship
  • National Honor Society

Relevant Skills and Software Competencies

CNC Programming, Matlab, Solid Works, Mastercam, Solid Edge, Inventor, Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, C&C++ Programming, Algor Finite Element Analysis, PC Troubleshooting, Experimental Design, Programmable Logic Controllers

Hobbies and Interests

  • Car repair and troubleshooting
  • Board Game-Checkers
  • Electronic Development
  • Computer Programming

Personal Statement

While attending Central State University’s EAC/ABET Accredited Manufacturing Engineering program, I had the opportunities to learn about other areas of professional specialization in engineering such as electrical, mechanical, materials, fluid dynamics, and etc. Throughout the last two years of my undergraduate studies, I developed a strong passion for engineering and technology. This passion has driven me to assemble and analyze various information pieces including emerging and cross-cutting technologies in higher education with a high payoff potential. This exercise has led to a more comprehensive understanding of the enabling technologies within engineering that would align with the future goals I have set for myself.

As a result of my research, the specific area in engineering that has overwhelmed my curiosity has been electrical engineering. The specific objectives of my educational program would involve developing a distinctive competence in a high potential specialization in the field of electrical engineering. I would also seek to develop more efficient components and processes for electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution, predicted on the development of novel materials. During my junior year curriculum, I had the privilege of taking a circuit analysis and digital circuit course. These electrical engineering classes were the first experiences I had with electrical circuits. Electrical circuits have been one of the subjects in engineering that has stimulated my mind to discover more about it. Since my junior year at Central State University, I have been researching the field of electronics and the design of electrical circuits at home as a hobby. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained about electrical engineering and enhance it by attending graduate school.

Professional and Educational Objective

While in college, I have searched for internships that included a significant level of electrical engineering to increase my knowledge in that particular area. Since, I have discovered a discipline within engineering that captures my interest, I am prepared to use the knowledge gained from the NASA Academy and graduate school, to contribute to the technological status of society. In order to accomplish a complete understanding about engineering, a graduate school education will be the ideal for culturing my curiosity and propelling my drive for academic and professional distinction. In particular, an opportunity with NASA Academy will enhance my understanding about how the interconnections between teamwork and multiple disciplines aid in achieving a common goal. I believe NASA Academy is the first step to reaching my ultimate career goals.