National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

R&T Directorate Overview

The purpose of the Research and Technology Directorate’s presentation was to give the interns an idea of what type of Code R Divisions exist at the Glenn Research Center. There are 5 Divisions in the Research and Technology Directorate. Each division comprises multiple Branches. Code RB, known as the Management Support and Integration Office, provides support for the entire Code R Directorate and serves as an entry point for projects. The Space Processes and Experiments Division, Code RE, is responsible for research into the effects of micro-gravity on various systems in Space and Martian environments. The Communications, Instrumentation and Controls Division (Code RH) conducts investigations into communications Dynamics and Controls for aerospace systems. Power and In-space Propulsion Division (Code RP) heads investigations into developing In-Space propulsion applicable separately. The Aeropropulsion Division (Code RT) investigates aerospace propulsion technology primarily pertinent to aircraft. The Power Systems and Structures and Materials Division (Code RX), manages investigations into the advancement of structures, materials, and mechanism dedicated to aerospace technologies. Chiefs from each Division in the Research and Technology Directorate gave presentations, which provided an overviews of their respective Divisions and the various Branches within the Divisions.