National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 4

Monday, June 27

We met in the lobby at around 7:15 a.m. with the normal stragglers not coming down until 7:20, and then drove to the parking lot and took the shuttle on base to the cafeteria for breakfast. Our day was filled with stimulating research that kept our minds busy and our bodies lazy. We broke for lunch at 12:00 and then met in an auditorium room for a lecture on power storage by Dr. Valerie Lyons . The group went back to work until around 4:15, when Armando came over for our weekly Review and Preview session. He gave us the low down on how our week was going to play out and then went back to work. We didn’t get to leave work until 5:30 p.m. today, because everyone has to make up the hours we are going to miss by going to Kennedy Space Center. After work, a few kids went to the gym to try to get big, and the rest of us stumbled out of the office and back to the hotel, where dinner was made and we all relaxed.

Tuesday, June 28

Another early day at the office. Everyone was super excited to get back to work to continue their research. Dennis made the usual morning check in with us and asked us if we needed any help with anything and helped facilitate some meetings and presentations with other researchers around the base on subjects we were interested in. He also set up a tour of the aeroacoustic dome. After lunch, he took us to the dome, where we met the head researcher who gave a description of the type of testing that could be done, including set up of the facility. We then went back to our room for a meeting with Dr. Kankam and our mentors to discuss the Academy experience to date, if there were any problems, and our opinions on whether anything needed to be changed. After work, we all went out to the soccer fields and had a friendly, yet competitive, pick up soccer game. Everyone was thoroughly exhausted by the end of this and went back to the hotel to shower, eat, and start thinking about sleep. A couple of the cooler kids went to the local Harry Buffalo and had dinner before calling it a night.

Wednesday, June 29

Guess how this day begins. Another early morning, with the same stop at the cafeteria for a five-star breakfast to power us through the day. Everyone then went straight to work, eagerly continuing their research from the previous day. A few meetings were held throughout the day, including a meeting with two experts on advanced matrix composites. This was pretty cool, as we could talk to the intellectual leaders in this field and get their input on how everything works and is progressing. The day was pretty long, as we had to stay an hour late to make up some lost time. When work was finally over, everyone went back to the hotel to get changed and meet out at the park for another game of soccer. It was becoming pretty competitive and everyone was having a great time and a good workout. After a sweaty couple hours, the teams went home, made dinner, and called it a day.

Thursday, June 30

7:15 a.m., bright and early. Everyone looked thoroughly exhausted yet ready for another stimulating day at the Center. Today was filled with meetings. There was yet another overview of the Aeropropulsion Division; that possibly could have been the third time. Doubtless, the division employees are very proud of their work. After the overview, a few people went to a division meeting about combustors for jet engines. Lunch crept up pretty quickly and everyone sat outside the cafeteria since it was such a beautiful day. After work, there were even more meetings to attend. The Alternative Fuels team was in their lab, but no one knew if they were actually doing work. One team had a meeting with a researcher working on fuel cells and batteries, and the Intermodal Transportation team stayed in the workplace and continued to work on their project. At the end of the day, we once again met out at the park and played soccer. Our speaker for the evening called to reschedule his presentation, so the rest of the day was free. Some people went out to the pool for a little get together, and everyone just chilled, sitting in their rooms to watching television.

Friday, July 1

Today was a little bit easier for everyone to get up early, since a lot of people were going out of town after work for the long weekend. Work proceeded as usual, with the normal break for lunch. After work, everyone gathered their respective luggage and headed out on their July 4th expedition, such as visiting home and friends, or just taking a trip to an exotic island off the coast of Africa.

Saturday, July 2

Everyone was gone on their free weekend except for a couple of people. Those who didn’t go away went to play golf and had a nice dinner together at a Chinese buffet. Armando spent most of the morning meeting with a local club, which sponsors and flies RC planes.

Sunday, July 3

Once again, everyone was still away, and the people who stayed behind wished they themselves had gone somewhere for the long weekend. But they made the best of it. After a nice lunch in downtown Cleveland, they headed to Huntington Beach to see the local hot spot. It was really worth the trip.