National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 3

Monday, June 20

We worked on our projects most of day, and had lunch outside which was nice. Santiago took a nap after work. Had a RAP session, found out there was no Kennedy trip and the California trip was still up in the air, but I think it will work itself out. A few of us hadn’t been paid yet because the office was backed up, so we were all looking forward to our stipends.

Tuesday, June 21

Started the day off with a group breakfast at Denny’s America’s diner. Then we drove to Dayton, Ohio which is home of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The purpose of the trip was to see the National Museum of the USAF where we saw an F-22, SR-71, B2 and more. Everyone seemed to enjoy the visit, especially the reimbursed lunch.

We drove another hour to Cincinnati for the GE Aviation tour the following day. Cracker Barrel (another reimbursed meal!) was for dinner and was a first for several in the group.

After dinner we went to the Travelodge hotel where we stayed for the night. It was quite cramped due to the three rooms holding eleven people; however, some went to Scott’s aunt’s house, thus freeing up more space.

Wednesday, June 22

Today we went to GE Aviation Headquarters, a subsidiary of General Electric, which is the top supplier of aircraft engines in the world and offers engines for the majority of commercial aircraft (according to Wikipedia). Walking into the welcome center was worth the trip itself, given there were at least ten full size engines mounted or hanging from the ceiling to represent the history and evolution of the aircraft engine. The day began by receiving some stylish GE pens, then giving presentations by representatives of our three groups (Henry, Santiago, and Tucker) because GE was thoroughly interested in our work.

We then toured the facilities and saw some research labs where we met some intelligent people. It was pretty cool to see such a successful company’s facilities.

Thursday, June 23

We worked most of the day again. However, we toured the 10×10 supersonic wind tunnel. Our tour guide, the flight test engineer sure liked to talk, indicating how much he enjoyed his work. Fun fact: it costs about $50K a night to run the tunnel. It is unimaginable that CFD will ever replace a facility such as this one.

After work we played soccer, but most didn’t have cleats so it took about 10 feet to change direction. In any case, it was a good time.

Friday, June 24

The KSC trip was finally resolved and we booked our flight. Orlando was finally booked after searching for a decent flight. I’m sure Scott wants to be recognized for his efforts in the logistics of the travel. We should also thank Henry’s credit card, even though he received a crazy amount of points/miles, because he covered six tickets. A couple D nozzles (ask Henry for translation) still haven’t paid him back.

Well it is 4:23 p.m. at the time I am writing this, meaning there is seven minutes until the weekend starts. We are all very thirsty. 5 minutes to go, no one has budged yet. 4:28, Ryan is the first to move, and now almost everyone is. Hello weekend.

A couple of us went to Nuevo Acapulco, and it was delicious. Then we met up with everyone at Harry Buffalo, where we found Cameron and Wade. Cameron had plenty to say. He talked all night long. Then, some of us who started the night later went to a party hosted by other interns.

Saturday, June 25

Cedar Point day was fun, but some of us didn’t realize how high some of the coasters were until we were in them. Pretty usual day at a theme park: we rode some rides, were attacked by birds, and enjoyed some more rides. FYI the dragster ride is really insane.

Sunday, June 26

Free day. I think most people did absolutely nothing until about 7 p.m. when some went to play soccer. It was nice to not have anything scheduled. I went to the grocery, and Scott and Hubert thought it would be funny to surround my car with shopping carts. I caught some old guy taking a picture of it. Not bad guys, just wait though.