National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center


The NASA MARTI (Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative) at Glenn Research Center offers an intense, integrated, multidisciplinary opportunity for students with career aspirations in the national aeronautics or aerospace enterprise. The MARTI experience helps prepare aspiring young professionals for employment by providing opportunities for direct science and engineering experience with an awareness of the complex managerial, political, financial, social, and human issues faced by current and future aerospace programs.

MARTI students receive training in integrated systems research, project management, leadership, teamwork, and multidisciplinary collaboration. Students work as a team on a multifaceted problem as guided by professional scientists and engineers. In addition to students’ exposure to NASA, they also gain broader exposure to aeronautics through visits to industry and other research facilities.

The experience includes a series of subject matter expert lectures and/or short courses, lunches with senior leaders, and focused discussions with program and project engineers. Participants must be enrolled in Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineering, or related disciplines, including Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, and Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Software Engineering, or Computer Science. This is an intense, rigorous program for the entire team. It is not the typical 9 to 5 research experience where individuals work one on one with a mentor.

View the NASA MARTI and Space Academy at Glenn website for overview information and selection criteria.